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V                                                        How Long does Probate usually take?


A formal Probate Administration in Florida a general rule of thumb is 6-9 months, but there are a lot of different variables.  

  1. Extends the Process time (includes but not limited to):
    • Not able to locate Heirs and Beneficiaries
    • Objections/Contesting the Will (disputing validity)
    • Claims or Liens against the estate that remain unsettled
    • Real Estate or other property that cannot be sold for various reasons to finalize distribution of the estate.
    • Failure to properly notify every creditor during the claim period
    • Dissatisfaction with the actions of the PR by the heirs or beneficiaries


If there is no Real Estate and the Estate value is less than $75,000. Then usually 3-4 months.


In Florida, once a Creditor is notified, they have 90 days to file a claim and up to 120 days to be paid.